A Decade of Marriage

I met my husband in 1999. I was only 17 years old when I was a ballet student at a central Illinois ballet company. I was told by a fellow classmate that my future sister in law's brother was the best looking guy I would ever meet. After seeing him in person I did find him very cute. I received a rose from this good looking guy, that I hardly knew, after a ballet performance. I was unaware of what he was attempting to say to me with this rose, but was very intrigued by the gesture.

After many rendezvous dates, too many count since we dated for 6 ½ years before getting married, the rest of our relationship/marriage is history. We have been through so much together since 1999 (a miscarriage, loss of a job, long distance dating, selling/remodeling a house, which deserves a marriage award for surviving, and many more) that I would not want to go through any of our ups and downs with other than my husband.

So, here is a list of 10 words of wisdom I have after being married for a decade:

  1. Marriage is HARD WORK! When someone tells you that marriage is hard, listen to them!!!

  2. You will go to bed angry and that’s okay as long as you resolve the argument the following day; although sometimes a couple of days may lapse before speaking to each other is allowed.

  3. You will still argue over the silliest things even after being married for a decade. For example, how to dispense the toothpaste from the toothpaste tube. We still argue about that, or how to properly fold laundry. In fact, I told my husband he is no longer allowed to do laundry because he still folds as if he was living in the college dorms.

  4. Sometimes you will have to be willing to do what your spouse wants to do even if you are very reluctant. I won tickets to see Jessica Simpson in the first year of our marriage and my husband reluctantly went because he knew that I wanted to go.

  5. It is always hard to admit when you are in the wrong, but always remember a wrong can be made into a right. Sometimes "I'm Sorry" can make all the difference in asking for forgiveness.

  6. All of the sacrifices that we have made are completely worth it!

  7. I am in LOVE with my husband more today than when we first started dating; obviously.

  8. After being married for 10 years and being together since 1999, we still like to purposely annoy each other and it’s extremely fun and totally worth it. For example, I love singing in the car knowing that it annoys him profusely. In fact, being married for 10 years gives married couples a right to annoy one another.

  9. Learn to agree to disagree. This has happened so many times over the course of our marriage and it’s ok to disagree with your spouse.

  10. Communicate with your spouse is a must even if the conversation may be difficult. Communicating with my husband also falls into the annoyance category because my husband gets annoyed by how much I love to talk.

So, what does all of this decade of marriage advice mean? Refer to marriage advice #1; Marriage is hard work!! The compromising and understanding is at times exhausting, but the outcome of being married to your best friend is worth it in the end.

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