The Power of Turning Off

We live in an age where everything feels like it’s connected to something; that something more often than not has something to do with technology. Everyone is on their phones, computers, and tablets, not being connected to what is really going on around them. I can truly admit that I can often fall victim to the grip of technology. I have browsed the internet for hours not looking for or finding anything. I have texted instead of calling someone because, “I just didn’t have the time and texting is easier”. I have played hours upon hours of games on my phone, yes, I did play Candy Crush, so much that my hands would go numb. Then I started to realize I was paying more attention to my phone than to who or what was physically in front of me. I started to look around and noticing other people falling victim to the same technology black hole I was in. Friends supposedly hanging out but all on their phones. Families at dinner with parents on their phones and kids on phones or tablets of some sort. All missing what is happening in the here and now and catching what the latest twitter feed said.

Most of us cannot just turn off our phones. We rely on them for people to be able to reach us, especially in emergencies. We are used to having them right by our side for convenience. What we can do is try to pay less attention to what is happening on our phones. Try putting them down when out with friends or family. Pay attention to who you are with and what they are doing. Try putting the phone down twenty minutes before going to sleep. To let your mind disconnect and get some rest from staring at a screen. We can turn off our computers more. Walking away from whatever it is that keeps us connected to staring at a screen of games, popular apps, etc. Definitely put the phone or laptop away when driving. We’ve all seen that person driving with a laptop! Try to notice something different each time you drive your daily commute or route instead of texting or using your laptop. You might be surprised at what you’re not seeing. Read a book; take a walk. Connect to your family and your friends. Connect to yourself. Start to notice the world around you and enjoy the power of turning off.

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