What is a Pluviophile

This past fall the weather has been very warm and sunny. I hear the forecasters talking about how lucky we are to be experiencing such beautiful fall days. I listen to others discuss the beauty of the sunny days, how fortunate we are to have the warmth before winter sets in, some say “I wish it could be this way all year”!

Well...I am different, I am a pluviophile! What is a pluviophile you might ask?? I am a person who is a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. I am a person who gets tired and slightly upset at all the sunshine, every day. In fact, day after day of sunshine causes changes, for the negative, in my mood! I understand that may be hard to understand for some people and that’s ok! We all have our preferences. That’s what makes each one of us so special. Let me do a little explaining.

Why would someone like the rainy days?? I have a few ideas on that. I love the smell of the rain, I feel the air is cleaned. It smells fresh and cool. To me it’s restorative. It washes away the stressors of days where I might feel rushed and hot, always squinting in the sun and not being able to see when I’m driving. My patience can wear thin with day after day of sunshine. I find joy in the color of the rainy dark sky. There is a coolness of the purples and greys, so unlike the warm colors of the sunshine. As an artist, the warm colors were never one of my favorites, I have always found comfort in the cool colors. A rainy day brings those colors to life!

I enjoy the relaxing and calming effect of the sound of the drops hitting my windows, the roof, the trees and the ground. It calms me. It refreshes me, it’s a coping strategy I use whenever I can. It can put me in a meditative state, it’s good for my soul. The worries of my day disappear with each drop hitting the ground. I love to look out the window at the rain making beautiful circles as they puddle on the ground. I love to watch as the drops glide down the window making exquisite and one of a kind designs. The trees take on a slivery hue in their gorgeous green leaves, fragile and ethereal. As they drop down to the ground I work on letting go of everyday pressures, anxiety and worries.

On rainy days, I want to stay in and wear comfy clothes, maybe bake some cookies but for sure I want to read a book. I feel comforted by the slight chill from the dampness, the low lights I turn on in my house, the aroma of baking filling my house with delicious smells and curling up reading a book. I feel the rainy day gives me permission to take care of myself.

There is nothing that helps me fall asleep faster than a good thunderstorm and steady rain at night. I actually get excited when the forecast is predicting rain. It’s a perfect combination of soothing sounds and it brings on a comforting dream- like state, it’s the best hidden secret for a good night’s sleep.

Look, this is not to say I don’t enjoy sunshine, there are days when I do, and of course, it’s necessary. But when it rains all of these wonderful emotions come to life, my creativity explodes! I feel invigorated and energized. Give it a try. Instead of dreading the rain try to experience the sounds, smells and see if you can’t find a calming effect in there somewhere. You just may be a pluviophile!

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