Let's Disconnect

I went to a concert a couple weeks ago, and there were some things that really stuck out to me. During the course of one song, the guy in front of me took three Snapchat videos and shared them to his story. He then switched over to Instagram and took a couple videos there to share them to that story. The girl next me took several pictures and shared them to her story on Snapchat. Then she went to her normal phone camera and took some pictures that way. Then she switched to an editing app where she chose one of those pictures and altered it to her liking and saved the picture. Then she went over to Instagram and posted the picture she edited. This was all during ONE song. Today in one of my classes the girl in front of me was doing some online shopping while another girl scrolled through Facebook while the professor was lecturing. I get that it may not be the most interesting thing in the world, but is it so hard to disconnect for two hours during class? I like technology as much as the next person, but I wish in some moments people would just turn it off and be present. I have two younger cousins, and like any other teenagers they're mostly attached to their phones. I drive them places pretty often and a lot of the times they're just looking down at their phones the entire time. We'll talk a bit, but the phones hold their interest. But sometimes I'll be driving them somewhere and for whatever reason they aren't glued to their phones and we'll be talking about their days or old memories, singing songs from kid shows we used to watch when they were little, and cracking each other up. These moments are nothing special; nothing big is happening. But at the same time, they are special. It's these moments that I want to bottle up and keep with me forever because we won't get this back. I think we'd all have more of those moments that are worthy of bottling up and remembering if we just put the phones down every now and then. I think we need to stop being so obsessed with our technology. It’s making us miss important things. They might seem little to us now, but I think we can all see that sometimes those little moments matter the most. Our phones are making us miss those moments. So disconnect a little more often, and pay more attention to all those little moments happening around you and less attention to what is happening on social media. I think you might find that you’re gaining much more than you’re missing.

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