Dear College Students...

I'm sure you've heard that college is filled with new adventures and an amazing sense of independence. It's an opportunity to mix with different types of people and learn refreshing new ideas. It's an epic, coming-of-age experience unlike any other time in your life.

Except, it's not always like that.

Sometimes college is feeling homesick. Or having relationship issues. Or struggling with academic pressure. Or being unsure of yourself and your future. Or coming face-to-face with the realities of drug and alcohol abuse.

The college experience can be quite difficult for many young men and women. According to the American Psychological Association, a survey in 2013 indicated that nearly 42% of college students struggled with anxiety and 36% struggled with depression.

Whether you're a local community college student, a university freshman living away from home for the first time, or a senior trying to make sense of your next step, please know that you are not alone. Familiarize yourself with the support services your college offers so you can use them if/when you need them.

Alder Grove Counseling offers online sessions for college students who wish to maintain the relationship they have with their current therapist while they are enrolled at college. Call our office for more details.

American Psychological Association. (2013). College students' mental health is a growing

concern, survey finds. Monitor on Psychology, 44(6), 14. Retrieved from

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