Nothing Lasts Forever

When I was younger, I loved the idea of forever. I had this great, big, close family, and it would be that way forever. I had these three amazing best friends who I was comfortable around and who really understood me, and they would be my best friends forever. Someday, I'd fall in love with someone and we'd get married and be together forever. These forever's were comforting to me. They made me feel safe and good because so many other things change in life. So many things aren't permanent, but these few things in my life were and that was great.

Then I got older. I lost some of my best friends. Someone in my family passed away, and it changed things. It changed us as individual people and as a family. My forever's weren't forever anymore. I got anxious and sad because these safe, comforting feelings I always had were gone. And if these things that I was so certain would last forever could change, how was I ever going to find that safe, happy feeling in anything else? Nothing was permanent, and that idea made me panic.

I like when things stay the same. I like being comfortable. I like knowing I have consistent things in my life, and that those will always be there when I need them. When other things are changing too much, my forever's needed to be there. Until I was forced to realize that they wouldn't be. Until I realized that nothing was permanent and that idea didn't need to cause panic, it could cause peace. The fact that nothing will truly last forever can be scary, but it can also be kind of awesome.

I think once I realized that nothing in my life was permanent, my life got so much better. It helped me learn to cherish every good person and moment that I get in this life. It helped me become more appreciative of these people and those moments. But it also helped calm some of the anxiety and stress that I often get. Because the bad days and the bad feelings also won't last forever.

You won't always have a job that you hate, and you won't always have a job that you love. You aren't going to be alone forever, but you also won't always have someone. You won't always feel lost or broken, but you also won't always feel complete and happy. Nothing is permanent. Nothing lasts forever. Things won't always be this way. They could get worse, they could get amazing, but they will change. I think we should embrace that instead of worrying about it.

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