7 Healthy Alternatives to Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is a dying tradition. More and more Americans are owning up to the hypocrisy of participating in materialistic greed just one day after we’ve supposedly given thanks for all of our blessings. So after you’ve recovered from your turkey coma this year, try out one of these therapist-endorsed alternatives to Black Friday shopping and keep your sense gratitude and love alive:

1. Breath Fresh Air

Get all bundled up and just sit outside. Or take the dog for a walk. Or go for a long hike in the woods. And while you're out there, do something to contribute to the beauty of your environment (rake the leaves, pick up some litter, donate to a nature-inspired cause, etc.).

I'll be at the Morton Arboretum; it's my happy place.

2. Celebrate Culture and Diversity

There's no better day to learn about something new and different. So curl up with a good book, head to a museum, or indulge in a meaningful movie. If you're in the mood for a family-friendly movie and you're prepared to cry your eyes out, I really recommend going to see Wonder in the theaters.

3. Connect Spiritually

If you pray, pray. If you mediate, meditate. If you practice mindfulness, be mindful. Whether it be at a community place of worship or a special spot with personal significance, go there do your thing!

Maybe you're still searching for a spiritual outlet. Why not visit that organization you've been considering? Or if you prefer a different approach, you might check out some of the exercises on Headspace.

4. Get Crafty

Just because you're not shopping doesn't mean you have to fall behind on your holiday gift giving. Black Friday is the perfect day to get started on some DIY presents. From homemade bath bombs and candles to knitted blankets, go here for some lovely ideas.

5. Fall in Love

Spend some quality time with your significant other. If you’re looking for ways to reconnect you might try a fun game like TABLETOPICS- Couples to get you talking. Or you could learn your partner’s Love Language according to Gary Chapman and strengthen your bond.

Single and ready to mingle? It might be a great day to finish up your profile on Match.

If you're single and perfectly content, how about practicing some self-love? Get a massage, de-clutter your place, make a budget, or schedule a phone date with your long distance best friend.

6. Care for Others

Visit with the elderly. Volunteer at an animal hospital. Sponsor a family for Christmas. Find a cause that ignites your passion and invest your time there.


Make an effort to reach out to someone who might be feeling lonely this time of year. A small gesture can make a world of difference.

7. If You Must Shop...

Be sure consider these 2 suggestions:

#1: Focus only on shopping for others. Don't buy anything for yourself.

#2: Wait for Small Business Saturday and support your local clothing boutique, bookstore, or record shop.

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