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Winter Turning into Spring

On a warm day last March, my son walked outside and nodded knowingly, stating it was the “Winter Turning into Spring,” and it was one of those moments where I knew exactly what he meant. Winter Turning into Spring feels like a season that we should acknowledge and honor just as we do the other four official seasons, and we are solidly in that season right now. It is a period of transition and duality and so much uncertainty. It is a thawing and a refreezing and a looking closer to determine if the white specks floating in the air are tree blossoms or snow. It is a cautious optimism about days being longer and weather being warmer while still keeping the ice scraper in the car.

Sitting in the unknowing is difficult for most of us, so we are surprised, and maybe annoyed, every year when just as we’ve planted our first seeds, it starts to snow in April. We might even wish that Mother Nature would commit to spring and allow us to pack up our winter clothes. But maybe this is our opportunity to practice embracing uncertainty, to live in the moment rather than rushing the future, and to allow different seasons and experiences to coexist. May we fully accept and even celebrate this season of transition.

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